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Good thing we don't have to do a resume for personal stuff. That whole stint with feather extensions and all those Jessica Simpson concerts would be tough to talk around in an interview.

Uh. You should just probably scroll down now or download my resume here.

The Man. The Myth. The Popcorn Junkie.

I have over 14 years in the graphic design and web design industry. I have experience at large and small agencies representing global brands with national campaigns down to local mom and pop shops running social media promotions for their rabid fan base. I enjoy leading, learning and making cool stuff.

  • Freelance Contractor

    May 2014 – Present: Ad Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations more…

    • Front-end website planning/direction/design
    • Web, email, and ad campaign planning/direction
    • Product launch and campaign concept development

    Akin to the hired guns of the old west, I’ve made my skills available to various ad agencies and nonprofit organizations that find themselves in need. I’ll mosey in spurs a-janglin’, join up with the sheriff’s posse, and get the bad guys behind bars before sundown. And all this before saddle sores kick in. Those on the Most Wanted list that I’ve collected bounties for include web design, email campaigns, web banner ad campaigns, WordPress installs and customizations, scratch built responsive websites, and a host of minor offenders such as branding and corporate identity. Yippee-ki-yay.

  • Senior Web Designer/Art Director

    February 2012 – May 2014: Caliber Media Group, Orange, CA more…

    • Lead Creative Department on all projects: web solutions, rebranding, product development
    • Front-end UX/UI for enterprise level custom commerce sites
    • Focus on consistent, responsive design for multiple platforms

    A great strategic marketing and internet solution company with clients in a variety of industries: sporting goods, insurance, manufacturing, veterans affairs, and many others. I headed up the creative direction and laid the brand foundation as needed for all projects. Our process for most projects followed these steps: concepting, design comps, clickable wireframe site with client content, final site with design applied for approval. A majority of my time was spent on integrating front-end design with the in-house, custom built backend commerce system. I also overhauled and constantly updated the framework template on which we built our sites. Just about every solution was responsive and so worked across all devices and platforms regardless of screen size. This was cost effective for our clients and made life easier for us when it came time for updates. Lots of PHP, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

  • User Experience Designer/Senior Web Designer

    November 2007 – February 2012: Alcone Marketing Group, Irvine, CA more…

    • Design and execute high-traffic promotional websites
    • Focus on user experience using HTML/CSS/JQuery/Flash
    • Develop and deliver apps for various platforms: web, mobile, social (Facebook)

    An award-winning promotional agency (we were Promo’s Agency of the Year in 2010, woot!) that handled national accounts like California Lottery, Nestle, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Skinny Cow, Heinz, Lucerne, WD-40, Logitech, LG and tons of other brands you probably have in your house. I was responsible for bridging the gap between the creative department and the developers. I wrangled the creative vision into a workable UX on whatever platform it was to live. Many HTML sites as well as a few Facebook apps. HTML, CSS, and jQuery were my friends. I don’t want to talk about the Flash banner ads.

  • Head Art Director Guy

    October 2003 – November 2007: Apparition Media Group, Irvine, CA more…

    • Initiate and create new products and promotional items for clients
    • Communicate and work with clients and vendors through product life-cycle
    • Document and illustrate products for patent submissions

    This was my dream job. Brainstorming new products at Starbucks in the morning. Then returning to our mad scientist lab to refine the ideas and produce prototypes the rest of the day. We used a variety of manufacturing techniques and processes depending on the crazy idea we had come up with: sublimation, lenticular, plastics, foam, steel, nuclear fission, etc. We even patented a new type of optical disk. Why’d we stop? Well, do you remember the financial crash of 2007? Yeah, so do we. Thanks, Lehman Brothers.

  • Lead Pre-press Technician

    September 2002 – October 2006: AVID Ink, Corona, CA more…

    • Develop industry leading color management process for sublimation
    • Train, supervise, and lead the pre-press/color department
    • Collaborate with pressroom and production team to improve print/transfer process

    My interest in the technical details of sublimation got me Shanghaied by the pirate ship Pre-press. I quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant and donned an eyepatch. I spent the next four years of conscription helping to refine all the secret sauce that was our color management system. We were quickly recognized as a leader in the industry as we were able to consistently hit colors that no one else could even come close to. I became the liaison between my old homeland of Creative, the Pre-Press Pirates, the Pressmen Corps and the Kingdom of Production.

  • Graphic Designer

    January 2000 – September 2002: AVID Ink, Corona, CA more…

    • Actively monitor fashion industry to track trends and cycles
    • Create original artwork for clients, in-house catalog, and fashion industry
    • Work closely with clients to realize their end goals

    Fresh out of college and I was lucky enough to find an opportunity at an amazing company. AVID Ink is a premiere sublimation design, print and production company. Don’t know what sublimation is? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. The creative department was tasked with designing missy and junior prints. I often had to pinch myself to see if I was actually getting paid to do this. I designed for the in-house catalog for the sales department as well as custom engineered designs for clients who sold to everything from Rodeo Drive boutiques to Costco. During my time I wanted to learn how to design prints that would behave as expected during the sublimation process. Honestly, I wanted to make my press check time as short as possible so I could get back to reading fashion magazines, visiting said Rodeo Drive boutiques, and making more designs. However, my interest in the sublimation process would prove to be my undoing.

  • Education

    September 1991 – June 1999 Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA more…

    • BA in Graphic Design
    • Published in Graphis New Talent Design Annual 1998
    • Various minor publications and awards throughout academic career

    Under the tutelage of some amazing artists, I learned a great deal about color theory, spatial relations, typography, art history, techniques, mediums and where to park close to the art building while avoiding a ticket.

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