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Having a broad set of skills means I wear many hats wherever I go — literally and figuratively. If you love playing with new tech, fighting for the user, eating popcorn, and spewing movie quotes, then we should probably talk. Resume or read on.

And Just Who Do I Think I Am?

Are you one of those people who require things like Proof or Facts or the so-called Resume before hiring someone? Well, this section is for you, Risk Taker.

Oh the Things That I’ve Done!

You can check out some of the work that has given me gray hair over the years — or made it fall out completely. You’ll notice I tend to wear a lot of hats.


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A fantastic, family owned business celebrating 50 years of industry-leading service. Some celebrate with gifts of gold. I gave them something even better: the gift of a rebrand, consistent collateral and a new website.

I was responsible for the concept and direction on the site as well as directing the photo shoot for the site images. The site was built on technology that gave face to each one of their franchise locations. The site itself was now a microsite for each owner in the Environment Control family. They now have a place on the web to call home and send prospective clients.

In addition to the website, I also rebranded the company and consolidated their collateral. Over 50 years, some of the marketing materials had become unwieldily. A crisp and modern look reflected in the website was brought across all public facing materials.

Cohesive and consistent branding makes me happy. And the client too.

Super cool company that designs and manufactures robots disguised as vending machines. From burritos made to order to secure, automated dispensing of high-end consumer goods, these machines do it all. Pray they don’t become self-aware.

Some of the challenges included inconsistent photography of the finished machines in the marketplace. When you are a manufacturer, you are focusing on creating the best automated retail machine on time and on budget for your clients, taking pics of your finished product in the wild really isn’t on the radar. I was able to create an environment for the machines to live on the website using the photos that were available. It gave prospective clients an idea of how the machines could be used in various settings.

Ever meet a client so impressive that you can’t help but wonder just what you’ve done with your life? The folks at the Center 4 Life change is one of those rare clients. This customized WordPress site was built to help further their ministry and reach people in need.

I came up with the concept of Seeking Hope and Giving Hope. The Center exists to provide hope to those who need it and The Center is also a place where volunteers can give hope to those seeking it.

The biggest challenge the client presented was that they did not want to show any people on the site (except for the staff bios) but rather wanted to show gritty, urban decay imagery. Desolate urban imagery with no people can get depressing fast. So, how do you show a client who is in the people-helping business without showing people while still telling a story of hope? Working with the client, I was able to locate imagery of the gritty urban feel they wanted but also contained an element of hope — a way out. I incorporated The Center’s logo into the imagery with an arrow showing direction of the way out. The staff at The Center aren’t afraid to go into the dirty places or deal with the mess in peoples lives. They will meet you where you are and lead you out. I think the imagery summed that up quit well. The client agreed.

What are People Saying About Jaye?

He’s the best one out there. I love him even though he never calls.

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